GIMP plugin for easiest beautify photo


Beautify is a set of GIMP plugins for easiest and quickly photo beautify.


just running the

Note: Be sure that you have installed the gimp-devel-tools package before install.


just running the to update.


GIMP menu: Tools -> Beautify -> Beautify Tools -> Beautify -> Rip Border


2012-07-11 beautify: Add invert effect beautify: Add astral effect

2012-07-10 beautify: Fix warm effect

2012-07-09 beautify: Fix New Japan effect

2012-07-06 beautify: Add warm effect beautify: Add Japanese effect

2012-07-05 beautify: Add effects: soft light, sharpen

2012-07-04 beautify: Fix brightness and contrast. beautify: Add saturation. beautify: Add hue, cyan_red, magenta_green, yellow_blue adjustment.

2012-06-08 Add more rip-border textures, and display the textures in groups.

2012-06-07 Speed up the preview display. Add the border opacity adjustment for rip-border plugin.

2012-06-06 Provided the base version of rip-border GIMP plugin.